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Poster: Spuzz Date: Sep 30, 2005 10:00am
Forum: movies Subject: "I have no idea what this is".

Lately, I've been noticing people downloading stuff and saying "I don't know what this is or where it came from" (like the "Dumb Crap" open source movies and better yet, the "leaving on a jet plane" posting on open source audio, which someone "didn't know where it came from" and that it "sounded like Janis Joplin", when it actually was sung by Chantal Kreviazuk and it came from the Armageddon Soundtrack, which is of course copyrighted to hell.

Why are people posting, and why are they getting approved, if the source material is in doubt?

Just wondering..

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Sep 30, 2005 12:12pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'I have no idea what this is'.

A lot of the more mundane things in OSM (people sitting around, feeding pets, etc) are apparently people's vlog-type items. Some of it is people getting confused at and going through the regular movies collection here, or just finding this collection independently. In a lot of cases, I think they're just uploading test items while they figure stuff out.

I'm guessing the "dumb crap" items currently showing up in the recent reviews in the OSM section were some kind of tests. I found them while I was fishing through the collection and reviewed them just so they'd be labelled with some kind of description.

From what I've caught occasionally, people do try to put up stuff they shouldn't- probably mostly through ignorance). Some items can slip by curators but then those *can* be retroactively pulled if they hear about a problem. Alert say, Simon if you see something slippery! It happens with the OSA collection too BTW.

...Edit: Oh wait, I see that "Joplin" thing, it's
which is in ourmedia. That's a whole separate project, separately curated by folks who are not Simon (project uses IA space/bandwidth and items get into IA search engine).

I just sent in a report through
Thanks for the catch!

For recent Ourmedia threads, see
in a newly-created forum here, spawned after discussion in

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Poster: simon c Date: Sep 30, 2005 2:19pm
Forum: movies Subject: Users, please report suspect items! (was Re: 'I have no idea what this is'.)

Spuzz - I agree, incomplete descriptions and clueless uploaders are the bane of my/our life.

We have two issues here, though - the Ourmedia content and the non-Ourmedia content. Myself (and Diana!) are trying to keep the non-Ourmedia content, which is segregated, pretty damn clean and free of obviously copyrighted material.

If you see anything in Open-Source Audio or Open-Source Movies that looks dodgy, you might want to hit 'Report Error' by it (and also mail me at simon at archive dot org, actually - that will probably get it removed quicker.) We actually moderate away the majority of these before they even get approved, but it's sometimes difficult to immediately spot them.

As for Ourmedia, the Ourmedia guys have to deal with that, to be honest. If the item you see is in the Ourmedia collection (it will say on the details page), there's a report abuse form on the Ourmedia site [EDIT: Thanks, Diana!] - you can put the Internet Archive URL in there, I think, and they can work it out from there.

But yeah, we have two separate problems here - vaguely described items (which I am personally OK with, as long as they're legal), and items that users don't have rights to upload, which we would like to remove, especially from Open-Source Audio, Open-Source Movies. So please report 'em, and we can maybe self-police this even better.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Oct 3, 2005 1:01am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Users, please report suspect items! (was Re: 'I have no idea what this is'.)

Slight correction re Ourmedia removals: The clear message I got from the last time I went through a spate of finding stuff in there was:

-Use the report-abuse link if you're a concerned random person
-Use deletion/retraction link if you're the uploader there or a copyright holder to the item (as we see, unfortunately those two groups don't always overlap).

They have different mod teams or ops for those routes.

...Speaking of vaguely described items here, I stumbled across a lot of kayaking footage sprinkled in OSM, but it's all described like
ppppppppppppppp or
gdsfhs egfn sfkdfsf

EDIT: I've updated and added a keyword to the kayak stuff I found.

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